As a general rule, for all the purchases made on the platform by the User shall be entitled to a refund only if it falls any of the below categories.

  1. If the product is damaged during the transit or due to the negligence on behalf of the company or the Service Provider.
  2. If there has been a delivery of the wrong product to the customer.
  3. If there has been a defect in colour, design or the product is worn out.

The refund request will only be entertained if the Service provider of the Company selling the goods/products has defaulted beyond the reasonable doubt. In such cases, the refunds are done within 7 business days from the date of the user raising the request and the Company has acknowledged the same. The User additionally will be provided refund options of TT/ Wire by deducting the necessary charges. All Refund requests shall be made by the User by emailing to info@yoode.com, which will be the official mode of communication with the Platform and the Company. The Company shall waive all other means of communication made. All Refunds shall be made only on the basis and upon investigation by the Company’s Customer care on following such guidelines. NOTE: All requests for the refund will be entertained only at the discretion of the Company and the platform. Further, there will be a strict due diligence conducted on the product post receiving it.


As a User, you do not have the right to cancel their services upon placing the order for the same and the user shall waive the payment made on such cancellation if any made by the User. The Company at its sole discretion may cancel the user's service request after the payment is made, if the Company:

  1. If it suspects a User has undertaken a fraudulent transaction, or
  2. If it suspects a User has undertaken a transaction which is not following the Terms of Use, or
  3. For any reason outside the control of the Company.
  4. If the Company does not want to do business with the User

Further, while all measures are taken to ensure accuracy of service specifications and pricing, the details of the interviewer and other information as reflected on the platform may be inaccurate due to technical issues, typographical errors or incorrect service information provided to the Company and in such an event you shall be notified as soon as such error comes to the notice of the Company. In such event, the Company reserves the right to cancel your order and refund any money that may have been paid by you towards the purchase of such services or can provide the same package that is bought by you. We maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying users and reserve the right to deny access to such users at any time or cancel any orders placed by them in future.